Delivery Sends Dog Sliding Straight Through Door Glass

Security cameras sometimes capture rather unusual scenes - one of such has been witnessed by a delivery man in recent days when he was surprised by a house guard.

The dog was more than obviously not impressed with the package delivery man, as he flew headlong through the glass door immediately after his departure.

The scene, which was filmed by a security camera in the city of Lexington in the US state of South Carolina, is already a real hit online. We can follow the scene with the delivery when a dose of drama was provided by a Dutch Shepherd.

A 5-year-old dog named Gunner obviously doesn't like package deliverers. Shortly after the man had done his work and delivered the package, the dog flew headlong into the glass door and smashed the glass on it. The owners also announced in the video that the dog was fortunately not injured.

Take a look at an unusual scene from the United States in which a dose of drama was provided by the Dutch Shepherd dog Gunner. The package delivery man has certainly not witnessed such a scene before.
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