Dog Dances With Excitement When He Sees His Grandparents

One of the hits on the Internet is also a scene from Spain, where we can watch the sincere joy of a dog upon meeting his grandfather and grandmother.

The dog happily wagged his tail and danced when he met them, and the scenes warmed the hearts of many animal lovers online.

The video clip was made in the port city of Tarragona, which is located in the north-east of Spain. To date, it has reached more than a million views on the YouTube network alone, and the scene, according to many, is a real brightening of the day and proof of how loving dogs are.

The dog named Pelayo hadn't seen his grandparents for a few weeks, and he couldn't hide his excitement at the reunion. The scene will undoubtedly brighten your day too.

Watch a cute video where we can follow Pelayo the dog as he reunited with his grandparents. Will his sincere joy overwhelm you too?
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