Dog Fakes Injured Leg But Recovers When Owner Wants To Go For A Walk

One of the hits online is also a video in which we can watch a cute scene with a dog.

He first limped in front of the owner with one of his paws, but when the owner mentioned the word "walk", he apparently forgot about all the pain.

The video, published on YouTube by Gerald Wakimoto, is a real success to date - it has reached almost 11 million views on the network alone, and the dog has caused a dose of laughter among viewers.

The dog limped in front of the owner at first, then soon forgot about all the pain. When he found out that the owner was going for a walk, he was already walking normally and carrying a dog leash around.

Watch a cute video in which the dog simulated a paw injury until the moment he realized that the owner wanted to take him for a walk. Will the video brighten your day too?
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