Driver Stopped By The Other Drivers After Hitting Motorcyclist

A video from Poland landed online these days, in which they recorded the escape of the driver of a BMW vehicle after he hit a motorcyclist on the road.

His escape, however, did not last long, as his plans were thwarted by other drivers who witnessed the accident.

The video is coming from the city of Gdynia in the north of Poland, when a driver of a BMW car hit a motorcyclist while changing lanes on Morska Street.

Instead of stopping after the collision and offering help to the injured motorcyclist, he recklessly drove on. But his escape did not last long.

The perpetrator of the traffic accident was stopped during the escape by two other drivers, who blocked his way on the road. The driver of the BMW stopped the vehicle and had no choice but to wait for the police to arrive. Lesson learned?
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