Driver Stops In Front Of Truck, Gets Instant Karma

In recent days, a video has landed on the YouTube network in which we can watch a scene from a truck.

The driver of the passenger car braked perfectly in front of the truck on the highway, and the driver of the latter vehicle quickly provided an instructive lesson.

The video comes from Poland, and in it we can follow an unusual scene on the highway there, when the driver of a truck gave a lesson to the car driver.

The driver of the car first overtook the truck over the shoulder lane, and then braked perfectly in front of it. By doing so, he endangered himself as well as the truck driver and other road users.

The truck driver had enough of his acts, causing him to collide with the truck in the back of the car. It was the driver of the car who was identified as the culprit based on the dashcam video. Lesson learned?
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