Duck Reacts To Kisses From Man Who Rescued Him

A few weeks ago, a cute video landed on the YouTube network, in which one duck stole all the attention.

The owner saved its life during the previous fire, and the animal always wants his closeness and pampering.

The duck named Poncho is already a real star online thanks to his relationship with the owner. He was adopted from a shelter and offered a new life on the farm, making the duck grateful to the new owner from the bottom of his heart.

He shows that to him again and again, and he wants pampering and kisses from him several times a day. Especially with kisses, the animal always returns his love to the owner in a unique way.

When you see these beautiful scenes with a duck and his loving owner, your heart will also beat at the video. Do you also have animals at home that are so attached to you?
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