Dude Doesn't Let Car in Crosswalk Stop His Route

Many drivers do not follow the rules on the road, and the most common offenses are those in which drivers do not give priority to pedestrians.

Some pedestrians therefore take matters into their own hands - this is exactly what a man from Ukraine did when the vehicle stopped right at a pedestrian crossing.

From Ukraine comes a video in which a driver with his convertible stopped at a pedestrian crossing. At that very moment, a pedestrian wanted to cross the road, but there was an obstacle in front of him.

The man nevertheless used the pedestrian crossing, opened the door when he encountered the vehicle and simply walked inside to the other side of the vehicle. There, he jumped over the driver and continued on his way.

The driver was not impressed with what he saw, and the video is a real little hit online. Take a look at what kind of scene they have witnessed in Ukraine in recent weeks.
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