Dust Devil Rolls Its Way Across A Field During A Soccer Game

At the last football match in Bolivia, football players witnessed a very special weather phenomenon on the pitch these days.

There, a whirlwind of sand was created, which drove the players off the field, while the referee walked away in complete coolness.

During the football match in which the lower league footballers from La Paz competed, they witnessed the dust devil before the start of the match. It is a land thrombus that resembles a tornado, but it is much calmer, and in principle it does not leave much material damage.

The dust devil is formed when, due to the heated ground, cold air rises into the atmosphere, and a whirlwind wind reaches a speed of about 60 kph. Such vortices can be up to 100 meters tall.

Take a look at the scene they have witnessed in Bolivia over the past few days when players were chased off the pitch by a dust devil before a football match. In particular, observe the response of the referee, who paid almost no attention to the weather phenomenon.
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