Elephant Saves The Day By Alerting Zoo Keeper To Drowning Antelope

These days, a video has landed online where we can follow an unusual scene at the zoo.

There, an elephant called a caretaker for help with loud cries to rescue a helpless antelope from drowning.

The scene, which was filmed on a mobile phone by Maria Diaz, is already a real success on social media. We can follow the unlucky antelope, which almost drowned in a pool of water at the zoo.

The elephant, which was in the same enclosure with the antelopes, called out to the caretakers with loud cries for help to rescue the antelope in trouble. One of the caretakers jumped into the water without hesitation and saved the life of the antelope.

Take a look at the touching move of an elephant at the Zoológico La Aurora Zoo in Guatemala, when it called out to caretakers with loud calls for help to save the antelope in trouble.
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