Eruption Of Indonesia's Sinabung Volcano Spews 7km Ash Column

A cloud of smoke, ash and dust scared the residents of the Sumatra Island in the west of Indonesia yesterday. The Sinabung volcano erupted there, but fortunately, there was so far no report of damages or casualty.

The volcano errupted ash and smoke into the sky at 4:28pm local time.

The Sinabung volcano is considered to be the second most active in Indonesia, and it is forbidden to stay in the vicinity of 5 kilometers from the volcano. Many people living near the volcano had to wear masks after an outbreak, as all the ashes began to fall back to the ground.

The Sinabung volcano, which measures 2,475 meters in height, already erupted in 2014. At that time, 16 people lost their lives, and thousands of people had to leave their homes. At the same time, there are 128 other active volcanoes in Indonesia.

See what horrifying scenes the inhabitants of the Sumatra Island captured yesterday on the cameras when the Sinabung volcano erupted.
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