Female Patient Takes First Breath After Lung Transplant

Each of us has already faced the loss of loved ones. Memories of tragic events from the past remind us over and over again of how fleeting life is.

Years ago, a video landed on the Web, in which the patient was given a new opportunity to live thanks to medical advancement!

Jennifer had been suffering from a genetic disorder cystic fibrosis her whole life, which necessitated her having a lung transplant. When they found the right donor, the doctors underwent a demanding surgery, and shortly afterwards recorded the patient's reaction when she took her first breath with new lungs.

The expression on her face said it all, and up to 14 million people have seen the moving scenes in the video to date on the YouTube network alone.

Look at the reaction of patient Jennifer when she took a breath for the first time after a lung transplant. Undoubtedly a breath she will never forget in her life!
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