Fire Domino With Giant Match Chain Reaction

A good month ago, a special video clip, which inspired many around the world, came online. Author made giant matches of different colors, then fired them all together at the same time!

To date, the scene has exceeded 5.5 million views only on the Youtube network.

In a video posted on the web by Youtube user The Q, which has as many as 7.3 million subscribers, we can see a very special experiment. He made giant matches, and put them together in a row. The plan for the chain reaction was done!

The smallest match was at a height of 5 centimeters, while the highest was 1.4 meters tall. In order to make the experiment, he used 5 different types of matches to find out which burns faster.

The project took many hours, and many spectators were fascinated by blue matches, as they started to burn in a slightly different order.
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