Football Player Misses Empty Goal From Inches Away

A video is coming from Belgium from the football field when a 17-year-old footballer wasted an impossible opportunity.

Infront of the empty goal, he was left practically alone, but he still failed to score.

17-year-old Aster Vranckx, who plays for Belgian club Machelan, had a golden opportunity on the match against Oostende to score an easy goal and put his team in the lead. In front of an empty goal, he found himself with the ball right next to the goal line, but he still missed the ball.

Aster was only a few inches away from the goal in the second half, but he got awkwardly caught in the shot, and the ball ended up behind the goal.

Take a look at the unusual scene witnessed by many spectators of a football match in Belgium these days, when the teams Machelan and Oostende competed.
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