French Biker Escorts Ambulance In Traffic

A video from France, captured by a camera mounted on a motorcyclist's helmet, landed on the YouTube network.

On his way home, he encountered traffic jams on the highway, and an ambulance was driving in front of him with lights turned on.

As chaos reigned on the road and many drivers did not set up a rescue lane, the motorcyclist took matters into his own hands. He overtook the ambulance and then directed the drivers in front of it so that the ambulance arrived to help as quickly as possible.

The motorcyclist pointed out in the video that he is not a police officer - just a citizen who tried to save a life to the best of his ability.

His help to the rescuers was praised by many French people online, and at the end of the video, the rescuers also thanked him with a raised thumb. Well done to the motorcyclist for such a move!
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