German Circus Goes Cruelty-Free By Using Holograms Instead Of Live Animals

In many countries, wild animals are banned in circuses. Many circus owners tortured the animals for profit, and a lot of visitors did not know for years what was happening behind the stage.

Years ago, the world was surrounded by many petitions that required the ban of circuses!

Roncalli Official, Instagram
The circus Roncalli, which has been operating in Germany since 1976, has also faced difficulties. That's why in the last year a special action was adopted, which inspired many animal lovers. They no longer use wildlife for their performances!

Instead of real animals, nowadays visitors in the mentioned circus are awaited by the advanced holograms, which help us to see certain animals completely close by.

Visitors are enthusiastic about the new circus, and advanced 3D holograms make a really unforgettable atmosphere.

Do you support the idea that all circuses should replace wild animals with holograms? In that case, feel free to share the clip further with your friends!
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