Golden Retriever Discovers Cam For The First Time

Puppies and other pets always brighten our day with their actions and reactions.

Such is also the response of the Golden Retriever in the video, which is already a real success online.

The video, in which we can follow the Golden Retriever at a new discovery, is already a real success online - it has reached more than 3 million views on YouTube alone to date, and the scene has impressed many animal lovers.

The Golden Retriever realized for the first time in his life that the voice of his owner could be heard from the surveillance camera, and he impressed many online users with his response. No doubt you will be impressed by the dog's response too.

See how the Golden Retriever reacted when he saw the surveillance camera for the first time in his life and heard the voice of his owner through it. Will the dog's response make you laugh too?
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