Golden Retriever Steals Whole Attention While Sliding On Snow

In the past few days, all the attention has been stolen by the golden retriever, who is obviously a big fan of snowy slopes.

Together with the owner, he went to the ski resort, where he provided plenty of good mood and laughter among the tourists.

In the video, the dog also had fun on the ski slope - even though he didn't have skis, he slid down the white slope several times, and impressed many with his action. No doubt you will be thrilled with the dog's move.

At the top of the ski slope, he simply laid on his back and then slid down the ski slope due to his body weight. Observers who spectated the whole event not far away were thrilled with the dog's move.

Take a look at the cute scenes taken care of by the golden retriever on the ski slope. The videos posted by the owner online have already surpassed a million views in total.

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