Guy Films Oncoming Train Crashing Right Into A Truck Crossing The Rail

From Norfolk, Virginia, a video is coming in which a young man captured a real drama on his camera. He thought he was going to capture only the train, but soon after the train came everything changed.

At the same moment, a truck driver wanted to cross the railway, and there was a collision between the train and the truck.

The train was traveling in the tracks at a speed of around 30 mph when the engineer was forced to pull the emergency brake. Train's path was cut by the truck and the collision could not be avoided.

The train had 67 vehicles on wagons, none of which was damaged in the accident. Most of the damage was suffered by the truck and the front part of the train, while the road was completely closed for a few hours.

Take a look at the moment the young man captured on the camera while watching the arrival of the train!
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