Honey Buzzard Having A Snack On A Bee's Nest

From India comes a video in which the author captured a Honey Buzzard. The bird crawled over the bee's nest to enjoy a tasty meal.

The Honey Buzzard is a slender prey, comparable in size to a cane, from which it is distinguished by longer, narrower wings, a longer tail with a double dark stripe, a slimmer body and a forward-extended head.

The color of the feathers is very different in these birds, from dark brown to lighter shades, and the belly is of different brown-white patterns.

It nests once a year, in May and June, and weaves its nest from dry branches in a tree canopy high on deciduous trees. They feed mostly on wasp and hornet larvae, but less frequently on smaller lizards, small rodents, and even fruit.

In a video captured in Jaigaon, India, a Honey Buzzard indulged in honey when it nearly "stuck" to a bee nest. Look at what kind of scene they filmed in India a few days ago.
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