Husband And Wife Perform 'Amazing Grace' In An Empty Silo

Brackin and Lindsay Kirkland are husband and wife who are both big fans of music and singing.

They present themselves online with the stage name Sounds Like Reign, and most often sing Christian songs.

At the end of last month, they posted a wonderful video online, in which they started singing the hit song "Amazing Grace" in an empty silo. The poem was written around 1772 by the English priest John Newton.

What is the story about the song "Amazing Grace"? John was a sailor before serving as a priest, and one day he found himself at sea in the middle of a severe storm. He spent several hours at the helm of the boat, then turned to God for help. He survived the storm, and soon after began to live as a Christian and spread the faith as a priest. The past experience at sea was the reason he wrote the song "Amazing Grace".

Listen to how the world-famous hit "Amazing Grace" was performed by a husband and wife who present themselves in the world of music under the stage name Sounds Like Reign. Will they take you over by singing in an empty silo too?
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