Injured 74-Year-Old Hiker Goes On A "Rollercoaster" Ride With Helicopter

On the Piestewa Peak mountain near Phoenix in the state of Arizona, a female hiker got injured.

Due to the injury, a mountain rescue team with a helicopter came on the steep terrain, while the injured hiker experienced a real drama during the rescue.

The 74-year-old hiker had awkwardly fell while walking in the mountains, and she needed emergency care. The mountain rescue team came to her aid, loaded her on the stretcher, and then lifted her up into the air with a helicopter.

At the same time, this was a moment that shook the 74-year-old woman. Literally!

The stretcher, which was fixed with the rope along with the injured woman, began to spin heavily in the air. So fast that many viewers experienced dizziness already at the time of watching the video.

At the same time, the media reported that the 74-year-old hiker had not suffered from an unexpected spinning, and her injuries were healed at the nearby hospital.
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