Italian Man Serenades His Sick Wife At Hospital Window

From Italy comes a very touching scene in front of the hospital that has enthralled many Italian citizens.

Stefan Bozzini, 81, from Italy, serenaded his sick wife right under her window in a hospital, and the video touched many online.

His 74-year-old wife Carla Bozzini was hospitalized in early November due to cancer, but her husband was not allowed to visit her due to the current situation.

Nevertheless, he went in front of the hospital, picked up an accordion and played romantic songs for his wife under the window. The whole scene was recorded on a mobile phone by their son Maurizio.

Unfortunately, 74-year-old Carla lost her battle with the disease, yet before she died, she also heard the melody of her favorite song, "Spanish Eyes," originally performed by musician Engelbert Humperdinck. Take a look at the touching scene in front of the hospital that surrounds Italy these days.
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