Little Boy Performs Elvis Presley's Song, Leaves Judges Speechless

In August, a little boy named Lissandro also showed his singing talent on the show The Voice Kids 2020 in France.

He shone on the stage of a children's singing show by singing a hit song, performed decades ago by the legendary Elvis Presley.

Lissandro performed in this year's season of the children's singing show The Voice Kids France 2020, and with his performance he impressed all the judges. He sang the song "Too Much", which was presented in 1958 in the album Elvis' Golden Records by the legendary singer Elvis Presley.

Shortly after Lissandro started performing  the aforementioned hit, none of the judges could hide their enthusiasm for his talent. Some enjoyed it so much that they even danced while the little boy sang.

Listen to a wonderful performance from the show The Voice Kids France 2020, in which the boy Lissandro introduced himself with the song "Too Much", which was introduced to the world in 1958 by Elvis Presley.
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