Little Girl Asking Adults To Hold Hands Crossing The Crosswalk

How would you react if a barely 5-year-old girl approached you while crossing the road and asked you to accompany her across the road?

Just such an experiment has been carried out in the past few days in the city of Seoul in South Korea, and the video is already a real success.

To date, the video has reached almost 10 million views on YouTube alone, and many online users are particularly impressed with the courage of the 5-year-old girl.

She asked strangers to accompany her across the road on a busy road. Her wish was of course granted, then many made sure the little girl got to her parents.

Take a look at a cute scene from the city of Seoul in South Korea, in which a barely five-year-old girl asked strangers to help her cross the road. Will strangers impress you with their responses as well?
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