Little Girl Doesn't Want Candy, Only Broccoli

The web has been surrounded over the years by a really adorable video in which a mom filmed her little girl during a snack.

But the girl didn't want delicious sweets, she wanted broccoli. With her move, she instantly conquered the wide web.

The video posted on the YouTube network is still a real web sensation - it has reached more than 2 million views on the YouTube network alone, and you will no doubt laugh at the girl's move.

Her mother initially offered her delicious sweets, but the girl made it clear that she does not want to eat them. Her great love is broccoli - when her mother offered her the mentioned vegetables, she quickly showed how much she likes broccoli.

Take a look at the sympathetic response of a little girl who wants to eat broccoli instead of sweets. Will the girl brighten your day with her actions?
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