Lost Penguin From Antarctica Found On New Zealand

An Adelie penguin has been found off the coast of New Zealand these days, and the locals have already given it the affectionate name Pingu.

It comes from a 2,000 miles far natural habitat in Antarctica, and the video is already a real hit on social media.

The Adelie penguin is a species of penguin common along all coasts of Antarctica. Adelie penguins grow to a height of about 2.3 ft and are among the medium-sized penguins. They are considered aggressive, and the population of Adelie penguins is estimated at around 5 million.

Many people in the south of New Zealand noticed the mentioned species of penguin - many took photos of it, and they also called the animal rescue service for help, where they quickly came to the penguin's aid.

This species of penguin lives exclusively on the Antarctic Peninsula, which is why such a scene surprised even experts. How the penguin found itself on the coast of New Zealand remains unknown for now.

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