Lost Puppy Recognizes His Vet's Office And Waits There For Help To Get Home

In case we got lost as children, our parents always taught us that it is necessary to find one of the police or firefighters.

But who should puppies look for when they find themselves in the middle of the streets? One of the lost puppies asked for a help in a very special place.

From Thailand comes a video in which we can see a lost puppy. Luckily, he found himself in front of his vet's premises, where he drew attention of the staff with a loud barking.

Dog's owners had visited the same vet with the puppy just a month earlier. When the staff noticed him, the puppy was let inside the premises, where his owners were contacted.

Take a look at what scene the surveillance camera filmed in front of the veterinary clinic when a lost puppy took refuge there.
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