Mama Bear Struggles To Take Their Bear Cubs Across The Road

From the city of Torrington in the US state of Connecticut comes a video in which all the attention was stolen by bear cubs and their mama bear.

The bear family tried to cross the road, and the mama bear ran into a lot of problems while caring for the cubs.

A cute scene, as a bear with cubs crossed the road, was recorded on a mobile phone by local Robin Covelli. The video, posted on the Facebook network, instantly became an online sensation.

First, the bear carried the first bear cub across the road, followed by other puppies. Well, almost everyone. When she returned for the others, she ran into problems - one of the cubs followed her back.

While caring for two bear cubs at the same time, she ran into major problems as she could not carry both of them across the road together. When you see this cute scene, your day will immediately be more beautiful as well.
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