Man Animates Himself Into 'Sleeping Beauty' To Propose To His Girlfriend

Lee Loechler posted a video online these days with which he completely shocked his girlfriend.

He has spent the past six months working with the help of many friends on very special animation of a known cartoon.

Lee wrote under the video that not every day is being offered the opportunity to propose your love from high school. His girlfriend is a big fan of the cartoon Sleeping Beauty, which is why he rearranged one of the scenes in the most beautiful way.

In the cartoon, he depicted his girlfriend as a princess, while replacing the prince with his face.

The prince soon proposed his princess in the cartoon, and then Lee decided to make the same move in reality. His girlfriend agreed to the wedding, and the enthusiasm among the relatives in the hall was not lacking. Watch the wonderful scene of a man proposing his girlfriend with the help of the different animation of Sleeping Beauty!
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