Man Builds Complete And Warm Survival Shelter

One of the hits online is a video in which the author showed the process of making a heated survival shelter in the middle of the forest.

Judging by the responses of online users, the process of making is a real feast for the eyes, and you will definitely enjoy watching the video yourself.

His video quickly rounded up online - it garnered more than 80 million views on YouTube alone in two weeks, and many adventurers and nature lovers are thrilled with the scenes.

Cyprien Outdoor Adventures, YouTube
The man, who introduces himself on YouTube under the nickname Cyprien Outdoor Adventures, set up a temporary survival shelter made of mud and scrap wood, which even had a fireplace inside. With the help of fire, he was able to warm himself and prepare food.

In the middle of the night, he was also visited by a family of wild boars, and the scenes are truly a feast for the eyes. See how the man in the clip made a temporary survival shelter in the middle of the woods.
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