Man Pleads For Help As Rescue Cat Becomes Obsessed With Him

Animal friends sometimes become so attached to their owners that they follow them every step of the way and want to be pampered by them every minute.

Such is also the case with the cat in the video, which is already a real hit on the YouTube network.

One of the viral videos on the YouTube network is a video in which the owner of a cat named Atlas recorded his daily routine. He had previously adopted a cat from a shelter and thus saved her life, and the animal is still grateful to him every day.

She became so attached to the new loving owner that she is almost obsessed with him. She craves his pampering and caressing, and the scenes in the video brightened the day for many animal lovers.

Take a look at the wonderful friendship between the cat named Atlas and her new owner, who adopted her from a shelter and thus saved her life. Are your pets so attached to you too?
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