Man Throwing Rocks At Moving Cars Gets An Instant Lesson

A strange scene landed on the Twitter network in the past few days, in which we can follow a man throwing rocks at moving cars.

One of the drivers lost his temper and then gave the man a lesson that many believe he will remember for the rest of his life.

The video clip was captured in the United States, and the entire scene was recorded by an observer who noticed the man's actions shortly before the incident. The final outcome remains unknown.

We can follow the driver of the white car when he lost his temper due to the man's foolish actions - he turned the vehicle, drove onto the sidewalk and ran the man over in broad daylight. He fell to the ground, but got up soon after. What kind of injuries he suffered remains unknown for now.

Watch an unusual scene from the US where we can see an instant lesson for a man who threw rocks at vehicles on the road. Did the driver of the white car go too far or did the man deserve a lesson?
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