Man's Beard Freezes In Sub-Zero Temperatures In Minnesota

A bearded man withstood freezing temperatures to see how much of his beard would freeze.

He stood in the cold for two hours, capturing the scenes when there was more and more ice on his face.

When 27-year-old Jake Fischer woke up in January on a very cold morning in Minnesota, he decided for a very special move. He stepped out into the courtyard, recording the steps of his beard being covered by the ice.

He initially showed the result 5 minutes after standing at -26 degrees Celsius (-14.8 degrees Fahrenheit), followed by a scene after 15 minutes. His speech was increasingly slowing down, and after two hours he decided to step back into the warmth.

Jake told the media after the video was posted online: "Surprisingly my face wasn't that cold. The only thing that was numb was my right thumb for some reason."
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