Marina Mazepa Transforms From Ballerina To A Crazy Dancer On AGT

The 21-year-old Marina Mazepa also presented in the American talent show at the auditions in these days. She always wanted that people would notice her talent, so she signed up for the America's Got Talent show.

Her big dreams are to be recognized once as an artist!

She has been practicing ballet for many years and has upgraded her dance skills with her own trainings too. During the audition, many guests in the hall were first took over by her beauty and charm, and then a ballet performance began.

But this ballet performance, however, was far from what people expect in the hall!

Shortly after ballet dance, Marina Mazepa turned into a dancer who, with unexpected moves and movements, excited, and at the same time, horrified many people. Take a look at the show from America's Got Talent, which has taken many breaths in those days!
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