Massive Flooding In Oklahoma Washes Road Away Infront Of Camera

Two weeks ago, a real drama was taking place in Okarche, Oklahoma. Many avalanches were triggered by heavy rain that lasted several days.

A video clip of the worker landed on the web as well, when the water washed away a road infront of his eyes.

The scene was captured on the camera on May 21, 2019, after author went to the location in order to close roads there due to flooding. When he arrived at an agreed location, the road was already gone.

The author of the clip first placed signs that prohibit driving, and then captured a real horror on the camera. The rest of the road was taken away infront of his eyes!

The water flow was so strong that a part of the road was literally ripped off, and the soil landed a few feets below together with the drainage pipe. Take a look at the scene when the water washes a section of the road!
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