Moose Attacks Dog Sled Team In Alaska

These days, a video has gone viral on the Internet in which we can watch a horror story experienced by a group of people in Alaska.

While driving with a sled and dog sled, they encountered an enraged moose, and the wild animal decided to attack the crew.

The video, published on the Facebook network by the author Lesley Vivienne, has reached more than 100,000 views to date. Many netizens were left speechless by the scene.

Along with the video recording, the author also wrote that the moose's attack lasted 20 seconds, and that they only suffered abrasions on their legs during the escape. Fortunately, everyone survived the moose attack, also the dogs also took it away unharmed.

Watch the real horror that a group of people in Alaska witnessed in the past days when they set out on a dog sled trip. You definitely don't see a moose attack like this every day.

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