Mother Uses Body To Protect Daughter In Strong Winds

In recent days, the YouTube network has been surrounded by video from surveillance cameras in China, where locals witnessed the hurricane wind.

The camera captured the scene when a brave mother with her body secured her daughter infront of very strong gusts of wind.

The scene, captured by a surveillance camera in eastern China's Jiangsu Province in recent days, is already a real success online - the video has garnered more than 400,000 views on YouTube alone, and many are thrilled with the mother's sacrifice.

While riding a motorcycle, she witnessed a hurricane, which caused her and her daughter to fall to the ground first. To protect her child, she protected her from flying objects and strong winds with her body.

Take a look at a scene from the Chinese province of Jiangsu, in which we can follow a brave mother protecting her daughter with her body during a hurricane.
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