Orca Living In Captivity Since 1979 Spends Her Days Floating In A Pool

The web was surrounded by a video from Canada that touched the hearts of many animal lovers with shocking content.

In captivity in a large pool lives a lone orca Kiska, who has no animal friends - unfortunately her life these days, judging by the response of the orca is coming to an end.

An orca named Kiska lives in captivity at MarineLand Theme Park in Canada, located near Niagara Falls, Ontario. Exhibitions of marine animals, marine mammals and terrestrial animals have been held in the park for many years.

Kiska has lived there since 1979, and has been in complete isolation from other animals since 2011. She is often filmed calling other orcas, but unfortunately no animal can reach her.

When the orca is still on display to visitors these days, she spends her final days floating just above water level in a concrete pool. Undoubtedly proof of the impact that animal greed and the desire to earn have on animals.
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