Owner Calls For Tiny Dog And He Comes Carrying A Big Toy

A hilarious video is coming from the United States, which is already a real hit online.

The owner of a small chihuahua called his dog, who brought a toy inside the house that was almost as big as him.

The video, which landed online at the beginning of July, is already a real success to this day - it has already reached almost half a million views, and dog lovers are especially enthusiastic about the scene.

When the little chihuahua came to the house, he brought a plush toy in the shape of a fish. But the toy was almost as big as the dog - that is why many online users laughed heartily at the scene.

Many pointed out that the dog was more than obviously very proud of his catch, and the scene will no doubt brighten your day. See how big toy the chihuahua brought into the house after the owner called him inside.
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