Parents Of 12 Break Down Sobbing When They Get Surprised By Secret Santa

East Idaho News from the US state of Idaho has been surprising many locals for many years at Christmas time.

Namely, they have a hidden donor, with the help of which they raise funds for good people. Weeks ago, a family of 12 children was moved to tears.

Secret Santa is a real person who lives in the U.S. state of Idaho and donates a large sum of money each year to charity. His identity remains unknown, as such is his desire.

Two weeks ago, with the help of Secret Santa, parents who have 12 children were moved to tears. Many of kids are adopted, and months ago their vehicle, with which they were able to transport together, broke down. Because the family is so big, they need a vehicle with lots of seats.

This time, the presenter from the mentioned media house surprised them with a brand new vehicle, with which they will be able to drive together again. He also gave them vouchers to buy furniture worth $10,000. All with the help of a hidden donor who does not want to reveal himself to the world.
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