Pentatonix Performs 'Over The River' With Lindsey Stirling

The vocal music group Pentatonix, which has impressed many times in the past with the performance of famous hits, as well as with the singing of their songs, recently presented a new song together with the renowned violinist.

Their performance is already a real success online, and you will no doubt be impressed by the new song.

As part of the new Christmas album Evergreen, the vocal group Pentatonix presented the new hit "Over The River", which she sang this time accompanied by renowned violinist Lindsey Stirling.

The new song, which was presented online by the vocal group Pentatonix, has reached more than half a million views on the YouTube network to date, and praise for the wonderful performance is coming from all over the world.

Listen to the new song "Over The River", which the vocal band Pentatonix performed these days together with the renowned violinist Lindsey Stirling.
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