Pet Squirrel Waits At The Door Every Morning For A Breakfast Peanut

One of the hits online is also a video in which we can follow a very special connection between man and animal.

A squirrel from a nearby forest visits the author of the video every day, as the animal is aware that it will get a treat in front of the door.

The video with the squirrel is already a real little hit online, and many animal lovers are enthusiastic about the response of the sympathetic rodent.

Almost every time a squirrel appears in front of the door, in return for a visit, it receives a delicious peanut treat. One of the meetings was recently recorded on a mobile phone by the owner of the house, and the video was posted online.

Check out a cute video where we can watch a squirrel waiting for the author of the video at the door every morning to get a treat.
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