Pittie Who Was Scared Of Everything Plays For The Very First Time

The web was surrounded by a moving video in which good people rescued an abandoned pit bull dog.

She was so frightened that she was shaking all the time, and out of fear the rescued dog did not even eat food.

When they found Josie on the street, she was completely scared. She was shaking with fear, but luckily she was rescued by a good woman named Erin, who volunteered to rescue the animals.

She brought the dog to her home, where Josie got to know another dog Remi, and Erin kept her company all the time. The pit bull soon changed completely - she was interested in the game, and by doing so, she brightened the day for many animal lovers online.

Watch a video of a pit bull dog helped by a good woman named Erin. Will you fall in love with the dog Josie yourself?
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