Rally Spectator Fell On The Road, Shocking Close Call Followed

At one of the past SS5 of Rally Germany, a tragedy almost happened. A spectator fell straight onto the road along the route, and at the same moment a rally car drove past.

Spectators captured the scene when one of the spectators fell on the track just as Mads Ostberg drove past at high speed. Thanks to his quick reactions the spectator can be grateful that Citroen missed him by about half a meter.

"In the end I was probably a metre or half a metre away from him," Ostberg told Autosport.

"He came down the wall a metre from the race line, if he fell down half a second later there would have been no way to avoid it. It's just a matter of timing. He fell down head first and I went almost off the road to avoid him, at the same time he managed to climb out of the line a little bit. The shock of the experience, it disturbs your mind a bit when you're driving. I was thinking about it for the rest of the stage, how much it affected the speed I don't know. It didn't make me faster anyway. I've never experienced... I've seen people walking on the side of the road but I've never seen... I wasn't even focused up there and I just saw him come down from above me. It was a really shocking experience. He should be injured for sure," said Ostberg.

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