Restaurant Staff Sing 'Amazing Grace' To Man Dying Of Brain Tumor

With age, various diseases often come, against which, unfortunately, many are powerless.

War veteran Lyle Chauvin, who was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor by doctors, was surprised in a really touching way.

Lyle Chauvin and his wife visited their favorite restaurant, The Little Big Cup, located in the US state of Louisiana, almost every day. When the employees there found out that Lyle has a brain tumor, they prepared an unforgettable surprise for him during one of the visits.

As a big fan of the world-famous hit 'Amazing Grace' written by John Newton in 1779, the waiters and waitresses joined forces to sing the said song exclusively for Lyle.

He cried with emotion at the singing performance of the employees, and many online users praised the wonderful gesture of the waiters. Look at what a surprise they prepared for him!
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