Scene With Frozen Bubbles In The Middle Of Cold Alberta Will Take Your Breath Away

Lennart Pagel is a photographer who enjoys discovering unusual weather phenomena. This time, he used the cold in Canada for something good, as he captured a breathing scene on the camera he witnessed when he visited one of the lakes in Alberta.

His video has quickly become a hit on the web, and has so far captured enormous 5.7 million views in one week.

In the icy Alberta, Lennart reached the lake, which it completely took over him with its image. Due to low temperatures, a thick layer of ice was created, and beautiful scenes were hidden in the ice.

From the mentioned lake, methane was escaping, and the water around methane bubbles quickly froze due to low temperatures.

That's why there were exceptional frozen bubble scenes in the ice that took many users online. This is a scene in which a person once again finds out how beautiful our mother can be!

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