Smart Magpie Recycles Bottle-Caps To Get Food

Last year, a video landed on the YouTube network in which all attention was stolen by a magpie.

The author of the video has set up a special device in the yard, which offers birds a tasty treat when recycling bottle-caps.

Magpies are considered to be a very intelligent and smart bird species that are capable of solving even complex puzzles. This was also proven by the magpie in the video, which got a tasty treat three times in a row.

In the yard, the author of the video placed a device that throws a treat on the other side when receiving a plastic or metal bottle-caps. The smart magpie found that out and secured three pieces of food in a few minutes.

Watch a cute video where a magpie got a tasty treat for a prize by recycling bottle-caps. Another proof of how smart these birds are.
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