Snow Falls From Overpass In Michigan, Breaks Car Windshield

Winter is already knocking on the door, and snow is coming with it. Children mostly enjoy the snow fairytale, but a little less joy is offered to everyone who needs to get on the road with the vehicle in such bad weather.

After snowfall, one of the shocks was also experienced by the car driver when he was driving through the Kalamazoo highway in Michigan.

When he drove under the bridge over the highway, a truck drove on the regional road above at the same time. Since the truck driver did not clean his vehicle before driving, the snow fell directly onto the car from which the video came from.

At high speed snow had enough weight to break the windshield on the car due to the impact.

The video down below is just another reason why we need to clean our vehicles after a snowy day before the ride to ensure traffic safety!
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