Southern Raised Bluegrass Band Performs 'Take Me Home, Country Roads'

A video landed on the YouTube network last month, in which we can follow the wonderful singing performance of the music group Southern Raised.

The group consists of four members, and this time they joined forces to perform the world-famous hit 'Take Me Home, Country Roads'.

The video of their performance is already a real success online - it has reached more than 130,000 views on YouTube alone to date, and many online users are enthusiastic about the performance.

The Southern Raised band consists of Emily Reith, Matt Reith, Lindsay Reith and Sarah Reith. Their singing performances are a real balm for the ears, and nothing was different even with the aforementioned performance of the song 'Take Me Home, Country Roads'.

Listen to a wonderful musical performance in which members of the Southern Raised band showed their talents. Will their singing performance impress you too?
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