Spanish Swimmer Was Denied A Minute Of Silence, Now His Beautiful Act Is Going Viral

Spanish swimmer Fernando Alvarez has decided to make an unusual move at the veteran world swimming championship in Hungary to show his respect to the victims of the terrorist attack in Barcelona and Cambrils.

Hungarian organizers disagreed with his proposal that all swimmers should show respect for all the victims of past terrorist attacks in Spain before the start of the competition with a one-minute silence, so he took the matters into his hands.

When the match began in swimming at 200 meters, all competitors jumped into the water at the start. Everyone except Alvarez. He remained on a platform and moved with his thoughts to victims.

"I had to do it. The judges said that we should not waste a minute, so I decided to take things in my hands. This meant more to me than all the gold medals in this world," said Alvarez.

In the past terrorist attacks, 15 people lost their lives, more than 130 were wounded. The youngest victim was a three year old girl.
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